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Welcome to Essential Supply. Directly in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we repositioned our sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and quality control infrastructure to provide critical personal protective equipment (“PPE”) as well as other essential supplies to consumers.

Nitrile Food Grade Gloves

With textured fingers and a contoured fit, our gloves will meet all your meal prep needs in the most safe and comfortable manner.

Disposable Filtered Face Masks

Ideal for hygiene, at-home cleaning, in nail salons, and in food service, etc.

About Us

Essential Supply is a subsidiary of BASE4 Ventures. BASE4 Ventures was founded in 2003 with the focus of manufacturing high quality products at very competitive prices. To accomplish our goal, we have internally built and through acquisition created one of the strongest sourcing and distribution operations in the world. We currently manage over 2,000 SKUs at retail generating over $1 billion of revenue over the last decade.

Our company is headquartered in Dallas, TX with offices in Los Angeles in addition to our international infrastructure in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Chenghai, Dongguan, and Ningbo China. We are currently evaluating relocating some of our current manufacturing capacity into the United States. We are able to offer our clients both direct import delivery in Asia or full service delivery to multiple warehouse locations in the US.

We acquired a 40 year old company called Excite Limited in 2016 which doubled our international sourcing team. Excite holds the exclusive sourcing contract for Rite Aid which encompasses managing sourcing, procurement, and QC for all their international purchases. This relationship combined with our long track record shipping over 50 retailers in the US makes our company a great fit to supply the US government.

In the short amount of time that this pandemic entered the US, we have shipped more than 150,000,000 pieces of various PPE product totaling sales of $75 million. Because of our proven ability to deliver and strength of balance sheet, we look forward to your consideration for this RFP.